For what it's worth, my name is Paul, and I live in Milwaukee with my wife and our son, Quinn. I grew up on a dairy farm in West Virginia (and yes, I lived in a trailer for a few years) before moving to the big city. I grew up with dogs, but now I'm surrounded by cats. I went to a parochial school for several years, which instilled a hatred of light blue polo shirts. I was an Eagle Scout, which now embarrasses me. have a degree in English with an emphasis in technical writing, and somehow ended up managing the IT department at a medium-sized company. I am an agnostic, in the sense that I doubt the existence of a supreme being and I consider atheism a waste of time. If there is a hell, then televangelists will be the ones sitting closest to the fire. I believe people have the right to privacy, but our government does not. I should eat better and exercise more. Sarcasm tends to run in my family. I believe the best puns are bad ones. I am a cynic, but I try not to let that stop me from seeing the beauty in the small things in the world around me.